Twitter Reaction to ‘Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel’ BBC 2 16th October

My Grandparents War – Channel 4 – September 15th – 9pm

featuring Kit Harington

Kit Harington at Monte Cassino, Italy where his grandfather Mick Catesby took part in the bloody Battle of Monte Cassino during WWII

London Review Bookshop & BBC Arena – Screenings & Conversations

Coming in February 2021 the London Review Bookshop is having a series of virtual screenings and conversations based on the extensive and unique BBC ARENA archive. The series features two Arenas I’ve made, ‘The Last Tenor’ which followed Luciano Pavarotti over the last year of his professional life and ‘Stanley And His Daughters’, a film about the emotional havoc wrecked by Stanley Spencer on the lives of his two daughters.

Click on the link below to be taken to the website where you can find out more about the season & book tickets.

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