This page shows clips from my most recent work – check out other pages for previous films.

My Grandparents War – Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter goes on an extraordinary journey to tell the story of her grandparents during World War Two.


A short film inspired by the poetry of William Blake

My Grandparents War – Toby Jones

One of Britain’s best actors searches out the story of his grandparents War and how his grandmother, herself an actor, performed in ENSA during the Nazi invasion of France.

Hans Zimmer – Hollywood Rebel

A portrait of what makes the worlds most successful movie composer tick.

My Grandparents War – Kit Harington

The moving stories of Kit Harington’s four grandparents caught up in WWII.

Jonathan Meades on Jargon

Jonathan Meades looks at how jargon is used to hide the truth

Sgt Pepper’s Musical Revolution

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was a musical revolution. Howard Goodall explains why.

Stanley & His Daughters

Stanley Spencer is one of England’s greatest visionary painters. In pursuit of his art he caused havoc in his daughters’ lives. Here they try and heal the rift between them.

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